Saturday, May 23, 2009

East Meets West

At last spring has come to the south shore of Lake Ontario and our lilac bush is in bloom, two weeks behind those that graced nearby Rochester's annual Lilac Festival. I picked two bouquets to enjoy on my desk, in the kitchen--which will travel with us across the U.S. towards Montana. A gathering of blooms and aroma to remind us of home, at least for the few days they last.

We depart tomorrow, May 24, for a nine-week expedition-by-trailer to the Badlands of South Dakota, Black Hills, Yellowstone in Wyoming, Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park in Montana and then our return trip via the Badlands of North Dakota and along the Great Lakes shores from Minnesota to Ohio and home again on August 1. I promise updates from the blue highways of the plains and Rockies. Meanwhile, a tiny poem to celebrate Spring-at-Last:

May Star Date #4:
Lines Aligned in a Parallel Universe

Overhead after midnight,
a shining through—
new life.


Peace and health to all.