Sunday, August 5, 2007

Northern Bound

The vagabond poet is aheadin' home...where, if all goes well, I will arrive on Wednesday, August 8, after eleven weeks of gallavanting. The penultimate adventure of this long journey to the Southwest and back took us along the Natchez Trace Parkway through Mississippi. Much to see along this lovely route that follows the old Indian-trail-cum-pioneer-pathway of the 1800s. Historic churches and moody cemetaries with worn tombstones and old trees draped with Spanish moss...ancient Indian burial mounds...creeks and delicate waterfalls...sites of now-defunct towns...and nature trails like the one that led through this cypress swamp one early morning.

One last stop along the way: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame/Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, on Tuesday. Then home, home at last.

Look for more postings this fall...beginning with a couple selections of photographs from my upcoming one-woman photography-poetry exhibit at High Falls Gallery in Rochester, NY. Dawn of Migration and Other Audubon Dreams is slated to open on October 3...with an accompanying chapbook of the 18 bird photos and poems in the show.
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Claudia M. Stanek said...

We northern poets will be glad to have you home with more tales of your adventures and plenty of photos! How blessed you are to be a vagabond!